Thursday, March 12, 2009

Traveling with two under 2...

We left for South Carolina around 530 Wednesday evening. I left work at my normal time of 430, picked up the kiddos after running to Wal-Mart for some last needed items & went home. I was rushed (like always) to hurry and get the rest of the things packed. I rushed, but accomplished everything and very proud to say I didn't leave a single thing at home that was needed.

We stopped at McDonald's to get something to eat - Cole is always happy with fries & 'boc-boc'. I popped in a movie for him, and a bottle in for Kel and it was smooth sailing... until about 930 when both kids woke up in a screaming match.

We stopped for a fill up, diaper changes & sippy/bottle refill. I thought it would be a good idea to put Cole's seat up front with Jimmy. While I was having fun with the diapers, he was getting Cole situated. Kelsey was content with another bottle, and Cole was ready for his next movie.

We got to Brown's Island around 120ish - both kids were still asleep. As soon as we pulled into the drive they woke up... such great timing. It couldn't have worked any better.

Fast forward to Monday morning...........

We got up around 530, I got everyone dressed & we finished packing the truck. I had folded all our laundry the night before (which I washed while visiting, to take the load off me when we got home)... if I wouldn't have gotten the bags packed ahead of time it would have taken F.O.R.E.V.E.R! We finally left around 630 - and both kids were asleep before we could hit I-95.

I passed out after a few minutes into the trip, and woke up to both kids getting fussy. We stopped for gas, and diapers - but got back on the road rather quickly... Cole was still sitting with Jimmy up front.

Once back on I-95 it seemed like smooth sailing, until BAM! Breaklights galore... traffic backed up for miles. I think in 1 hour we moved .5miles... Cole was content until the pig trailer in the next lane was no longer next to us.

BLESS YOU Garmin - you were my saving grace. If it wasn't for that GPS I wouldn't have any hair right now. We waited in traffic til we found a trooper turn-around and gunned it. We took the next exit & took back roads which ran parallel to I-95. We made sure we were clear of traffice before jumping back on, and the spot we took was RIGHT ahead of the accident. Traffic wasn't moving. Sorry, suckers - shoulda boughta Garmin!

The rest of the trip was alright - Cole was the hardest... he's 22 months - way too much energy to be still in a seat for 8 hours. Kelsey did fairly well, but decided she wanted to drop a weekends worth of dirty diapers off in a 30 minute period... lets just say that Daddy+Poop don't mix.

I learned a lot this trip - and now have a better insight for what traveling with my two goregous babies will be like in May. I won't wait until the night before to pack - and I won't be sitting up front with Jimmy... our 2 year old master will be, or else!


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