Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rain, rain - go away....

No, seriously - GO AWAY. I'm over the rain, Cole has cabin fever and is driving me C.R.A.Z.Y! I was off yesterday *finally*, and all he wanted to do was "Ouside, shoot bird". Yes, he gets it from his father (the shooting things at least) and wants to shoot everyone & everything. Joy.

I think the yard is flooded, nothing new. Every time it sprinkles, our yard looks like it's been through a tsunami. I'm off again on Friday, hopefully it will all be dry by then so I can let lil'man go outside and burn some energy.

Kelsey was supposed to have her 4-month well visit & shots yesterday, but someone *cough* locked my keys in the truck. Yes, it was MY fault for leaving my set of keys in there Friday evening... but I haven't drove the truck since then, someone else *cough* has. Oh well - I get to spend Monday (my day off) waiting around until the appointment. At least this time it's 2.5 hours earlier, so the entire day won't be a total waste.

This evening I've got a step class at 6, that will be over by 715 - good grief it kicks my tail - and before the class I'm running to the library for some well needed study time. Registry is coming up fast - April 6th to be exact... which reminds me, I need to study.



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