Wednesday, March 4, 2009

On the road, again...

This evening after I get off work, we're packing up the wagon and heading south. Well - we're heading south, but not in a wagon - haha. We're going to visit the inlaws in South Carolina. I'm stoked, so glad to be going back down there. Even more excited for everybody to see the babies.

I'm not looking forward to the trip itself, I must confess. Cole has just gotten to the point where he's reasonably easy to travel with, hopefully Kelsey will be as well *fingers crossed*. I'm hoping she will just go to sleep for the night - wake up when we get there, eat and go back to sleep.

Jimmy bought a new GPS today, too. We had bought a Sony that was on sale at Bass Pro - but it turned out to be a 'piece', so he returned it for the Garmin. We should have gotten that from the beginning, but the Sony has a nice wide screen - which the Garmin doesn't, in that price range anyway. He said it was dead on this afternoon coming home, we'll see! If anybody knows the trip it would be Jimmy.

Well, hopefully we're done at the Orthopedic office for the day - I have to go pick up my prescription at Walmart. Another round of antibiotics for me - sinus issues, AGAIN. I'm guessing if they don't clear up by the time we get home, I'll have to see my PCP. My teeth, left ear & side of my face are KILLING me. Hopefully this will kick it for good.

I'll post pictures when we get back in town!



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