Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I found this great blog called Jabbering Jessie - she does all kinds of fantastic giveaways...

Go check out the Back 2 Blogging Bash on Jabbering Jessi. She is giving away a Miche purse from Miche Bag.

So, go check out this giveaway plus all the other great ones she has right now!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

My addiction...

I must confess, I have a MAJOR addiction problem - all thanks to TheMamas.com... It's the one place where I can throw a major BF (bitch fit) without having to worry about someone being offended because I used a curse word. It has really made my vocabulary... hmm, lets just say interesting.
This bunch of ladies came together thanks to Jen, the lovely Heathenmama from my May 2007 birthboard. I've talked with this wonderful group of ladies since 2006 when I first found out I was pregnant with Cole. They were there from the beginning, and now 2 years later are still there to help me, support me and give me a laugh when I need one. I really consider them part of my family, and vice versa. When things go wrong, I consult them first - when I'm down & need a pick me up -- I run to them. They are my rock in this crazy world of motherhood. Without them I think I'd lose my mind (what is left of it).
If you happen to see this post, I hope you drop by and visit themamas & give us a big hello.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

A few new pictures of the kids...
Can't believe how big they are
Cole just turned 23 months
Kelsey just turned 5 months
where has time gone?


Happy Easter
The Gollihugh's

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rain, rain - go away....

No, seriously - GO AWAY. I'm over the rain, Cole has cabin fever and is driving me C.R.A.Z.Y! I was off yesterday *finally*, and all he wanted to do was "Ouside, shoot bird". Yes, he gets it from his father (the shooting things at least) and wants to shoot everyone & everything. Joy.

I think the yard is flooded, nothing new. Every time it sprinkles, our yard looks like it's been through a tsunami. I'm off again on Friday, hopefully it will all be dry by then so I can let lil'man go outside and burn some energy.

Kelsey was supposed to have her 4-month well visit & shots yesterday, but someone *cough* locked my keys in the truck. Yes, it was MY fault for leaving my set of keys in there Friday evening... but I haven't drove the truck since then, someone else *cough* has. Oh well - I get to spend Monday (my day off) waiting around until the appointment. At least this time it's 2.5 hours earlier, so the entire day won't be a total waste.

This evening I've got a step class at 6, that will be over by 715 - good grief it kicks my tail - and before the class I'm running to the library for some well needed study time. Registry is coming up fast - April 6th to be exact... which reminds me, I need to study.



Friday, March 13, 2009

Pictures from our trip...

I finally got around to loading some of the pictures from our trip to South Carolina. The kids hardly sat still, which of unfortunately means very few photos...
I heard Mimi yelling about something, so I went outside to find this...
guess they were wondering what the fuss was about too.
Cole looked a little scared up there, but he loved it.
I thought he was going to fight us,
by not getting out -
but he did, willingly.Kyla & Cole were playing around on
the four-wheeler...
Here's the princess in all her bald glory.
Laughing at her silly mama
on the way home.
It was a great trip... we had a lot of fun. Of course it always works out that as soon as we get settled into our routine, that we have to leave.

We go back the last week of May for Mary's graduation... I can't wait!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cole Younger & Kelsey Mae

You two own my h.e.a.r.t
.The end.

Traveling with two under 2...

We left for South Carolina around 530 Wednesday evening. I left work at my normal time of 430, picked up the kiddos after running to Wal-Mart for some last needed items & went home. I was rushed (like always) to hurry and get the rest of the things packed. I rushed, but accomplished everything and very proud to say I didn't leave a single thing at home that was needed.

We stopped at McDonald's to get something to eat - Cole is always happy with fries & 'boc-boc'. I popped in a movie for him, and a bottle in for Kel and it was smooth sailing... until about 930 when both kids woke up in a screaming match.

We stopped for a fill up, diaper changes & sippy/bottle refill. I thought it would be a good idea to put Cole's seat up front with Jimmy. While I was having fun with the diapers, he was getting Cole situated. Kelsey was content with another bottle, and Cole was ready for his next movie.

We got to Brown's Island around 120ish - both kids were still asleep. As soon as we pulled into the drive they woke up... such great timing. It couldn't have worked any better.

Fast forward to Monday morning...........

We got up around 530, I got everyone dressed & we finished packing the truck. I had folded all our laundry the night before (which I washed while visiting, to take the load off me when we got home)... if I wouldn't have gotten the bags packed ahead of time it would have taken F.O.R.E.V.E.R! We finally left around 630 - and both kids were asleep before we could hit I-95.

I passed out after a few minutes into the trip, and woke up to both kids getting fussy. We stopped for gas, and diapers - but got back on the road rather quickly... Cole was still sitting with Jimmy up front.

Once back on I-95 it seemed like smooth sailing, until BAM! Breaklights galore... traffic backed up for miles. I think in 1 hour we moved .5miles... Cole was content until the pig trailer in the next lane was no longer next to us.

BLESS YOU Garmin - you were my saving grace. If it wasn't for that GPS I wouldn't have any hair right now. We waited in traffic til we found a trooper turn-around and gunned it. We took the next exit & took back roads which ran parallel to I-95. We made sure we were clear of traffice before jumping back on, and the spot we took was RIGHT ahead of the accident. Traffic wasn't moving. Sorry, suckers - shoulda boughta Garmin!

The rest of the trip was alright - Cole was the hardest... he's 22 months - way too much energy to be still in a seat for 8 hours. Kelsey did fairly well, but decided she wanted to drop a weekends worth of dirty diapers off in a 30 minute period... lets just say that Daddy+Poop don't mix.

I learned a lot this trip - and now have a better insight for what traveling with my two goregous babies will be like in May. I won't wait until the night before to pack - and I won't be sitting up front with Jimmy... our 2 year old master will be, or else!


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

On the road, again...

This evening after I get off work, we're packing up the wagon and heading south. Well - we're heading south, but not in a wagon - haha. We're going to visit the inlaws in South Carolina. I'm stoked, so glad to be going back down there. Even more excited for everybody to see the babies.

I'm not looking forward to the trip itself, I must confess. Cole has just gotten to the point where he's reasonably easy to travel with, hopefully Kelsey will be as well *fingers crossed*. I'm hoping she will just go to sleep for the night - wake up when we get there, eat and go back to sleep.

Jimmy bought a new GPS today, too. We had bought a Sony that was on sale at Bass Pro - but it turned out to be a 'piece', so he returned it for the Garmin. We should have gotten that from the beginning, but the Sony has a nice wide screen - which the Garmin doesn't, in that price range anyway. He said it was dead on this afternoon coming home, we'll see! If anybody knows the trip it would be Jimmy.

Well, hopefully we're done at the Orthopedic office for the day - I have to go pick up my prescription at Walmart. Another round of antibiotics for me - sinus issues, AGAIN. I'm guessing if they don't clear up by the time we get home, I'll have to see my PCP. My teeth, left ear & side of my face are KILLING me. Hopefully this will kick it for good.

I'll post pictures when we get back in town!